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White River Lighthouse
White River Lighthouse

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Mariners were finding it hard to find the White River Harbour, so in 1870 a channel was cut from Lake Michigan to White Lake, and as part of this channel project, a beacon was built to guard the channel.

The beacon tower was 27 feet high. Its fixed red light could be seen over 11 miles away and its use began in 1872. Soon after, a wooden catwalk was added to the pierhead light and more construction followed.

In 1930 major changes were made and White River Lighthouse remains much as it was then. Its foundation and superstructure are made of limestone. And the exterior is Michigan light colored brick. This one and a half story lighthouse has a tower of 38 feet in height. In 1950 White River Lighthouse was decommissioned and in 1966 Fruitland Township purchased this building and converted it to the Great Lakes Marine Museum in 1970.

Captain William Robinson remained the White River Lighthouse keeper for 47 years. He decided to retire at age 87, and the day before his actual retirement, he died in his sleep. And People say that you can sometimes hear him walk the tower stairs.

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