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  Water Series
St. Joseph Lighthouse
St. Joseph Lighthouse

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The first Lake Michigan lighthouse was built in St. Joseph in 1832 on a hill on the mainland close to the shore. Then the pier was extended for each of two new lights, each with its own strong lens. In 1955, the original building was torn down.

Both of these pier lights on the newer connected lighthouses are still in operation. The outer light sets on a 30 foot high steel structure, and the inner light is contained in a larger 2 story steel sided structure with a red hip roof. An octagonal tower goes up two more stories above the house and has a black iron parapet and walkway above. A catwalk extends over 300 yards from shore to the second story of the outer light. Catwalks are built to allow lighthouse keepers access to the lights when the sea is rough and waves come crashing over the pier making it treacherous to walk on.

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