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  Water Series
Maxinkuckee Boat
Maxinkuckee Boat
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This print of the Maxinkuckee Boat brings back memories of "Captain" Frank Amond and his wife, Em - when they picked up paying passengers at the Culver Town Beach pier and took them for a tour of the lake’s shore. Usually Em drove and Frank recited the "good" and the "bad" about the lake properties and its owners.

Very recently, Frank and Em’s daughter, Joanne, stopped to visit Painter and Poet Gallery and told Esther more interesting tidbits about the Maxinkuckee Boat. The feisty little dog perched on the front of the boat, was part pekinese and part spaniel, and was named Sandy. Thank you, Joanne.

Sadly, there is no longer a tour boat on Lake Maxinkuckee. Safety requirements for passengers, the cost of insurance for such a boat, and the short lake tourist season, make it unlikely that anyone will try to operate one again, but those of us who enjoyed The Maxinkuckee Boat remember it with great fondness.

Dawn !

Maxinkuckee Boat

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