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  Water Series
Grand Haven Lighthouse
Grand Haven Lighthouse

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The Grand Haven Lighthouse was built in 1855. Twenty years later, a fog signal building was added to the end of the south pier. In 1905, the pier was extended and the fog-signal building was moved to the end of that pier A catwalk was added to connect the pierhead light to the inner light and then to the mainland.

The steel-sided inner light is a 51 foot tall cylindrical tower painted fire engine red. At the top of this inner lighthouse is a parapet and lantern room, fully automated. The square bright red pierhead structure .at the end of the pier houses a light and the fog-signal (horn). Grand Haven Lighthouse is a short distance north of the south city limits signs in Grand Haven, Michigan, and is located in Grand Haven State Park.

Esther painted this light house from photos she took on a cold, windy day in late spring. and her striking watercolor emphasizes the majesty and power of the scene.

Little Sable, another Michigan Lighthouse is pictured and described on another page of this web site. It is the same size and offered with the same matting as Grand Haven. When considering purchase, check them out because they display nicely together.

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