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  "The Culver Academies Series" Culver, Indiana
Horse Jumping
Jumping at Culver Academies

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Since 1971, the year when Culver Academies became truly coeducational, girls have ridden, and currently participate in junior varsity and varsity polo, junior varsity and varsity jumping, and in a sport called rough riding (a combinatiion of gymnastics on horseback and trail riding).

The girls ride the mounts of the famous Black Horse Troop, but are not officially part of the Troop; however, the Equestriennes have accompanied the troop in four presidential parades.

This print is a tribute to the enthusiastic “riding girls” of Culver Academies.

"Photos taken by JEA Photography (708-431-9964) were used in rendering this watercolor."

Black Horse Troop

Boys' Woodcraft Camp

Council Fire

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Girls' Woodcraft Camp

Naval Building

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Jumping at
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Ledbetter at Dusk

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